It’s Wednesday already! Flying off to Aussieland tmr morning which means 1 more day, ONE n ONLY ONE!!! more day for me to enjoy doing nothing at my home sweet home and lepak dgn kawan kat mamak. Sobs… Will update me blog soon, now busy busy packing, oh how I wish I could just move my entire wardrobe there. xP Gonna miss me family, me darlings, me muscular dalmation Spotty and ohhh! especially baby Shiro… =(

N of course, thanks to my dear friends who actually spare time from their busy schedules and keep having mini farewell outings for me… *so touched! u guys the bestest of the best* n sorry for those who I can’t make it/ffk cz seriously, too busy with last-minute-shoppings and luggage packing. Hang out when I’m back for holidays ba! =)))
Back to luggage, the next blog update I guess I’ll be in my dorm room typing shyt and uploading pics. heh. ohkeebai!
p/s: some ppl r just so predictable… tsk