My post before flying off to Aussieland! delayed I know but was packing my luggage n having farewell sessions with friends. =) I’m now staying in Rydges hotel, Hay St., moving into my dorm this Wed! Srsly wonder how m i gonna move all those luggage into my new “home”… overall, m starting to get used to it here n hopefully, everything goes well!
God, I miss babyShiro snuggling up to me already

my luggage stuff!

Tada! *like preparing for war nia… wtf*

Farewell session at KayElle with my highschool darlings *Wenbabe, Daven, Aden, Max, Reeves, SiHao and FeiLuk* thanks guys for the fun yumcha session, had fun laughing my ass off… lol
Lai looking cheeky as usual! =p
Dinner at Bangsar with the family! *yumss*
adorable cupcakes specially for me =))
miss this much! mom’s tiramisuuu

and! bubur chacha

banana leaf with the Genie after Starbucks session with Kiko
Random 1: a cute candy I bought from Hokkaido xP
Random 1 again: Current ear piercings n new black bling apple studs!

Boston, Klang 30/1

Lala *two thumbs up*
Jen and Jjpp
Mantis prawn *superb!*
Jen n I
Library session after tht with Choilin, Jacqueline and friendsss =)
with the gorgeous 1 =)
Kennie, Choilin
Kennie, Ryan
me and Kennie

the fan was blowing right at our faces, could barely open my eyes =x
lol! all hyped up woman!
buying shots apparently.
Donn’s creamy cookie alcohol drink *cant remember what’s it called, pardon me! lol*
the band

*pout pout*
no idea what’s going on
coffee or tea?… scratch that! beer or cocktail?
fun night indeed. miss ya’ll!
Okeh, tht’s it for now, jz got back from Utopia karaoke bar with friends n i’m effing tired now, hotel room’s freezing cold btw, gonna hide under the sheets and I’ll update soon bout Perth! =)