Grabbing a cuppa latte n enjoying some meat wraps, walking along the city streets of Perth while enjoying the sun here, this was what I do when I first got here… *got sunburnt already bt blah! who gives a damn* =) still trying to remember the streets name and get to know the area though… It’s easier to travel around here with the CAT services *public buses in the city* free of charge somemore! yeala, something like KL hop on hop off buses but it’s diff here cz more places to go. =p
Curtin U

went for a stroll around campus, somehow it felt a bit like our national park cz everywhere u go, u’ll see trees, trees n trees.
Hans cafe at northbridge *velidayummee fried rice* =)
duck noodle *just mediocre*
*burp* =x
Dinner at Tony Roma’s *baby back ribs*
my all time fav cheeseburger *two thumbs up!*
ribeye grilled to perfection with creamy baked potato and ranch style beans =p
trip to York

dog cemetery, a tribute to Australian working sheep dogs *fuyoh, don’t play play!* lol
picnic lunch at wave rock wildflower shop
Wave Rock *damn cool!*

really looks like there’s a huge wave coming ey? x)
Mulka’s Cave
it’s to be said tht it looks like a shark’s mouth frm the front view *in my opinion, boh geh shark is it* -.-
smallest bank. indeed. lol
Kings Park botanical gardens
view from the Tree Top Walkway
n the walkway of course
love this tree! stands out from the rest =)
Swan River cruise
loving the sun
After tht, visited Caversham Wildlife Park, really enjoyed myself here cz visitors r actually allowed to feed, touch, stand next to the animals and take loads of pics…….. kick, punch…. *nah… just kidding* =p
“I’m too tall… ohoho” xD
Roooowena and Kangaroooo! *I wasn’t scared of him fyi!*
Was feeding him happily n he was so tamed until some bloody cincalok kid went running around shouting, he got quite defensive after tht so tht explains y I stood far away from him. lol. but I think he likes me, pfffffft! cz he posed for the camera for quite sometime wey. xD
the white kangawoo! *shit wey, looks like an effing big mice* =.=
take 1: pose pose while being surrounded by kangawoos *dai ga jie a bit*
take 2: oops…….. whayulukinat!?
take 3: pheuw, no harm
Next up, wombat! freaking cute!
say hello to Mickey!

farm show
white llama as you can see
emu *very fierce looking creatures*
and of course, koalas =)
Koala bears r very sensitive animals, do only gently touch them on their backs n not their heads! =)
okeh to b honest, I was a lil scared at first… *n my gravitee-shirt’s so true! missing home already* =p
with new jap friends while “caressing” the koala
had to do the peace sign, it’s a jap thing… LOL! they were like “EEEYYHHH” whenever we passed by some fluffy animals. very kawai girls indeed. =)
in conclusion, koalas r lazy but cute animals. =p
lol! tht’s how they zzz
practically laughing my head off beside them bt they tak peduli pun -..-
Wine tasting at Sandalford Wines
camwhore a lil with mom dearest
thanks for visiting! xP
Then visited the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, was busy munching on sample chocs, didn’t manage to snap pics. haha. well tht’s it for now! till next time!
p/s: wisdom tooth’s coming out! very slowly tho…… -.-