Indeed, FINALLY, orientation’s tmr… BUT sem’s starting on the first of March *tht’s like 2 weeks of orientation in Curtin, WTF!?* everyone’s been asking me “y arh, go aussie so early one???” I have no idea, stop asking me why! LOL.

Anyways, wishing u guys a Happy Chinese New Year and Sweet Valentines again b4 the clock strikes 12. Hope u guys r having a blast wherever u r.
Fri night, spent the night over at friend’s place, was bumming around chatting random stuff with Cam and Brian. Skyped with CK aka ninja who’s in the states now n it was nice seeing him after so long… =) Then Sat joined my cousins, nephew *Gust and Tony* and cutiepie niece *Annetta* for CNY eve dinner at their other relative’s place. @.@ got to know the family, very nice ppl indeed! i love the uncle and aunty already. ahaha. Headed back to my cousin’s place after wii session with Martin and Sime *the sons*
Woke up quite early this morning for church service at Subiaco church of Christ, I have to admit, I really enjoyed myself there. =) After tht late lunch at some chinese restaurant around the area then shopped at Subi market, everything there is sooo cheap comparing to Woollies/Coles!!! Headed back to cousin’s place again after tht. Went to the uncle’s place again, “bai nian” ma! visited his garden which is full of vege and fruits plantation, so COOL. brought back a bag full of grapes with me. yums! *shared with me housemates after tht cz don’t think I can finish it within a week* Cousins brought me to Northbridge for Vietnamese cuisine for CNY dinner *two thumbs up*, Gust was busy showing me his transformers collection n all, have to say, tht boy’s a fan, no doubt!
Back to my dorm after dinner, Annetta and Gust insisted on following cz they wanna check out my “home” *btw, they call me aunty which I find is still OWHKAY, cz back in KL, ive a niece who’s like 26? calling me Aunty, thanks to the big family tree… =.=* bt hey, i feel the respect. HAH. jk =p Away from family during CNY bt this year, it’s diff and I enjoyed it. Thank You Lord!
God bless!