Pickchasss! Oh n btw, mindmess sucks. (-..-)
baby nephew Tony! =)

camera shy Annet
Sgpore style bak kut teh and Annetta’s kailan
Tonyyy and daddyy
the suburbs
sidewalk *quiet and peaceful* =)
my fluffy pillows!
messy room *unpacking* =)
Grocery shopping @Coles *Brian, Cam*
whoops! sorry Brian! =p
walking whole day sial
getting ready to cook dinner with the master chef =p
Salads and chips from Coles

Deboned chicken for pasta
tada! our first homecook meal in Perth
Cam’s fried rice with chilli
munch stuff i bought from Coles *recommended by oh-so-caring-JJPP* =p
Free hotdogs in campus
two thumbs up!
guess what i found in the toilet!
Aussie hotdog night last night *Haydian from France and mua*
Brian aka Cadbury *inside joke*, me!
announcement from the party ppl
Went to Carousel with Cam and Annushia this afternoon, the weather was mad hot, effing sunny and couldn’t stop sweating, but! it was worth it cz we shopped quite a bit there. =)
Macca’s Grand Angus *yumsss*
Deep fried pork skin *crunchy!*
Yoghurt session with the girls *happy Cam aka “Zaaaaa-paaaan”* LOL
my turn! =))
wide selection of awesome toppings
our masterpiece *yoghurt with gummy bears, chocs, M&Ms, etc*
girls & desserts = never goes wrong HAHA
Meeting up with Kiko for bfast tmr, girls outing again! =) after tht most prob meet up with the bunch for coffee @Vic Park and Carousel for yoghurt againnnn… i miss it already…
tht’s it for now! toodles!