Been going around with friends and relatives for the past few days and the thing is, I feel so darn restless but I just don’t wanna take naps like I usually do in Msia. Just wanna go out and explore diff places more b4 my sem starts! =)) maybe after my sem starts i’ll b more laid back and focus on my course work, who knows. :p
Woke up this morning around 7, cousin Michael picked me up from my place n meet up with the rest at South Perth church. I prefer Subi church though.
nephew Gust with some adorable kid

Had lunch with them, ordered SATAY! *fuh! it’s actually nicer than most satays i tried in KL, lol! yum* Then got back to my dorm and met up with Sajal who wanted to go to the city and get his eyebrow pierced. Went with Camie and Ben as well. The piercing parlor is really good and professional, check it out when u’re in Perth, Murray st. Shop’s called “Off Ya Tree” btw
looking awesome!
Last Friday, Kiko picked me up at around 11 in the morning n bought me brunch at Fremantle *love her to bits srsly*, really enjoyed the sea breeze and pancakes there! =)
fruit yoghurt! =)
assorted desserts
Met up with Cam and the rest, shopped at Carousel…
waiting for ze busss
Off Ya Tree again!
doesn’t seem nervous at all, no? =p
the piercer
Annu looking nervous! =x
n me, camwhore a lil infront of the mirror while waiting. tsk
Saturday, Cottesloe beach!

waiting for our food *the famous Fish n Chips*
AH~ so niceee
Cam n I getting our tan
and….. buried by Haydrien and Brian, ish!
revenge time! tht’s Brian aka Cadbury btw. xP

having the time of his life man

ciaoing. love the beach!
Cat and Cam
random shot of me beach shorts
Gonna meet up with Saj and Cat for our chillax session later, grabbed some beers n munchies from Woolies just now. will update soon again. till next time!
p/s: I’ve missed u