Le aunties’ coming to Melb! true story…. no sshyt I’m pissin hah! 
Melbourne, a multicultural city – said to be the most livable city where there’s so many well-designed hidden lanes waiting to be discovered and cafés to get theee aromatic fresh brew to kickstart anytime of your day. OK! Multicultural yep, livable whuts that, coffee.. COFFEE indeed! primary? secondary? tertiary extraction you prefer? chehh… that’s all I know :p
artsy lanes filled with cafes and boutiques

city lights

skylines and hot air balloons!

Which brings me back to…… my Eurotrip.. ahh…… definitely one unforgettable and supahh trip!

3 amigos welcoming onboard


bday celebration

What’s euro without some billaBONGS!

let’s drop the ahhs and go for double U!

I love LOVE love traveling, experiencing different cultures, inhaling different laneways and architectural works, not to mention memories imprinted for a lifetime. 
But coming home to somewhere that’s familiar and cozy after that is the best damn thing I would say..

Friends and family who you can go nuts with

more snapping with da mamashizzle soon!*

But life’s not one candycanedelusionallysweeeeeet trip all the time, EVEN if you rub a hundred genie lamps.. After a hurryplain or a foulstorm hits you, if you cross your fingers hard enough or luck, there will be a nook waitin… Your very own claimed nest to heal.