like it or not.. all boils down to perception. 

“no one truly cares for you except for yourself”. such statement that I would like to rip off the face of earth and grin while I watch it burn, but ain’t gonna happen! If you choose to adapt to such thinking of somewhat implies, I could guarantee you’re on your way to nothing BUT disaster because it’s not ours to start with! why not search within.. where you know best? or at least try cz if u don’t give shyt to that, no one will. I’d like this much better – everyone cares, show them what you’ve got, dance like no one’s watching. yeah?

“what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. a well-known statement.. motivational? another disastrous recipe? I’ll spare myself with this one thank God.

Someone once asked me what’s my greatest fear and I was honest, not to impress but definitely a step to opening up.

What’s the meaning of all these? Beats me. 
Reality and dreams collide? One day, I truly hope.

Tiesto’s Elements of Life