” A dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment”

Taking the start of this entry towards the extreme end here… just to give that wow-effect with da performing artsy picture above. heeee 🙂 

Stuck with Davidson’s book currently, and there’s one chapter that whirled me into his world out of nowhere.. He covered studies of our mighty brain and also made his justification clear that.. the basis of our wellbeing stems from a compact blob. The journey starts with sensory receptors, then specific regions in the prefrontal cortex — activation and tada…… Mood Boosters! Basically, it’s a piece of art.

Art. Whether it’s philharmonic strings, ballet, variety of street performances, and even random gravities *set aside those artistic-expression-gone-bad ones, even those! certain minds or hearts embrace them*

Art, a topic which IS too broad to cover, art of expression, art of meditation, art of fools, art of deception etc. etc….. Just add a noun and you get an art of Fun. Sounds like I’m babbling but it’s FAR from that.

People who don’t understand your a.r.t. considers you an “Unknown Freak Object”. … so??
Wash and groom your beard like the bearded lady, jump through hoops to make a living, blast your speakers until you’re nearly deaf.

Without the freak in us, what’s there to balance?