Father once told me this years ago – The hardest thing to do in life is yet to live a simple one.  — That young child, comfortably tucked under her fine silk sheets her daddy bought during their most recent family trip to China, took that precious piece of advice like a gem, carefully placed it in her secret pandora box that’s hidden way below sea level, constantly consuming waves of unfamiliarities.

You may not be offered the privilege of choosing who you fall in love with, great job opportunities, what eyes and hair colour you have but do bare in mind… we always have an alternative to create and lay solid bricks which leads to similarity or something along the path. Keep it simple? Go hard or go home? We are the writers of our own, never otherwise. Even miss Paris Hilton had trouble convincing us she’s living the ohsosimplelife on TV.

Enjoyed a short break with the awesome ones who flew all the way from home, feeling all touristy again in Victorian Melbourne.

my very first German from scratch

 St. Kilda

“Well what I was going to say was, you know better than anyone, it’s the recipes that you create yourself that are the best.” – No Reservations, 2007

Faces ’12