A fine combination of catchy tune and cheeky lyrics? Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.. kindly addictive, watch at your own risk!
Starting the post this time with a shoutout to my gem in KayElle. Happy beau’day my dear venomousyetadorable Mommy!;)
South Africa fam n’ friends trip. miss u mom
pretty amazing buildings
lol -.-

outdoor showers def freaked out some of the ladies

National Geography, nothingclosetodat!

Would I recommend South Africa to anyone set aside the excruciating food poisoning I encountered for JUST the first few days? hell yeah! exotic food, nice scenery, safaris, Table Mountain, streets o’ CapeTown…… all you need is a handy DSLR or c’mon, a bloody good cameraphone, a luggage packed with nothing but masks and ‘Noodles in a Cup’, not forgetting of course….. selecting your top groupies and there you go fly away, *specially Shakira fans!*

not just a rainbow. just have to look closer


Along the line or extreme ends? Want the best of both?
Some say it’s like sneezing with both your eyes opened and then painting a beautiful canvas out of it. Achievable? Do it!