I have always been a spec-girl since the age of 9, and increases in short-sightedness (myopia) has not been a “what’s-next-on-the-platter” sort of issue. Finally, after years of TLC and maintaining the degree of my myopia above -5, I’ve felt that it is time to regain my perfect eyesight by going under the scalpel – Lasik eye surgery, no more blurry visions and fumbling through darkness in search of the spectacles again hoorah!!

Procedure was painless, though slightly unpleasant because you won’t know what the surgeon’s going to do next with your eyeballs being widely stretched and exposed *somewhat similar to putting on contact lenses but not very much the same*, the best thing to sum up ala doctor’s advice, no squinting… -.- not the easiest and most comfortable thing I’ve experienced… just imagine “Discovery Channel” — Restraining a duck from flapping its wings.

Love to be home, but not liking the weather and stuffiness as usual.. missin melby but all’s good set aside le’ drama-rama. Time to rest my eyeballs, hello perfect vision!;)