“To play classical, one must love classical music itself to play it well.” – Maksim Mrvica

Classical music would be considered the basic exposure to all pianists, beginners start with the easier melodies, getting use to the palm arch, movements, eyes and fingers coordination. Also theoretical lessons that introduces the history of great composers, music transformation periods and such. 

One musician’s name made me giggled the first time I got introduced to his children’s piano pieces. Here goes……… Béla Bartok. I remember staring at my piano teacher searching for the same hint of humour the moment she decided that I get the proper pronunciation of such foreignity.
From then on, Mozart, Beethoven, Johann, Tchaikovsky were all in my books. The passion grew ever since. Somethings are meant to be enjoyable to oneself and not be made into a source of anything else. Take it as it is.

Semibreve rest. A 4/4 beat rest which you can find in most musical manuscript, shaped like an upside-down black top hat hanging under the second line of the stave.

Whether it’s for the strive for security, passion, the waves, the adventure, the commitment or the fun. There will be times when you feel as if you’re six-feet under.. Do remember, if your mind likes it to be there, just for a spasm moment, stay put. You’ll never always be stuck down under. At least…. it is in our very nature to fight. What are we fighting for? That’s a question of worth then.

2014. You ready?