Flying has never made it to the top of Scarlet’s favourite list. Jitters she gets during take-off, different air pressure high up in the sky from land, and of course, blocked ringggging ears… Whenever her ears are “stuffed”, she would say a lil prayer that her eardrums will not damage by overyawning……. maybe every 5 minutes she counted.

Mid air and immersed herself in her nicely wrapped paperback novel, a thought came swooshing across her mind… Final Destination… No, no, no. She squinted. Scratch that!!! Final Destination  .  Done.   She turned her attention back to her book, something else emerged, a familiar voice she thought. “I must be hearing stuff.. Oh silly me. But…..” Scarlet paused and thought to herself. Yawn.. yawn..

“Hey… you.” Oooh it gets louder, her heart sank. She looked from one side to another, wondering where did that sense of familiarity come from. 

“It’s been awhile hey? hehh..” he grinned.

Life. is. such…… she nearly squeaked but what happened to her voice!?? She managed a smile.

yet sometimes, you find yourself stuck in an equation that consists of something that’s made for a good shelf-life and someone you once knew fairly well