Ever experienced a dream so real you actually woke up catching yourself feeling breathless?
   Why do dreams occur?
   Would you interpret it?
   Are dreams significant?

I do from time to time, waking up to what was supposed to be a thoughtful morning call from Mr P, somehow things took a sharp turn to rockyroad but we managed a laugh after things cooled down. Speaking of insanity haha. He was of course, a gentleman to pardon me at that odd hour, under given circumstances.

When it comes to interpreting dreams, Dream Psychoanalysis – A theory which wouldn’t be foreign to any psychology major, pioneered by a well-known psychologist, Sigmund Freud who started as a neurologist, later known as the father of psychoanalysis. Freud (1900) considered dreams to be the ‘Royal Road to the Unconscious’ as our ego defence mechanisms are lowered during dreams, hence some of the repressed material come through awareness, albeit in some twisted form. Despite the fact that Freud’s theories are very likely to stir some controversial minds, I personally find them meticulously bold. So…

Are dreams the unexplored reality or merely just fantasies?
If not the latter, can dreams be premonitions?


Ku De Ta

It was a cold and breezy night in Kuta, lying on the sandy beach side-by-side with his EarPods plugged in, for once we were humming to the same tune.
I’ve always loved the scent of the ocean, the melodious tempo of his surfers music, the moon, the stars.. It was intoxicatingly breathtaking. Cloud 9 definitely.
A dangerous conflict between the brain and the heart because there was a mutual unspoken consent. Only… We were embracing the moment.

Early next morning, I picked my blue batik he’d gotten me when we first arrived, wrapped it around me and tightened it with a loose ribbon. Leaning against the door gripping onto his waxed white surfboard, another hand reaching out for me. “Let’s embrace the waves together, are you ready Wena?” I grabbed my book, smiled and swooned into his arms, “Let’s.”

Would you want to experience the mythical sweetness and bitterness of love that everyone seems to be yearning for?
Or would you want a bulletproof heart?
It’s a no brainer for me, et toi?

A tout a l’heure!