This is so exciting!
Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall St Kilda Road. 
I hope to see you there on Valentines’ 2015!
A good friend of mine who shares a similar interest in the performing arts sector, introduced Einaudi’s piece to me one fine day — Divenire. Got to say, truly a masterpiece. One of the most delightful modern classical pieces I’ve ever got to learn. The composition, the jellofinger motion and of course, the upbeat and honest key interpretations. What more joy can a pianist ask for? 

Einaudi’s music was featured in the Oscar-winning film Black Swan, titled Eros; motion pictures such as Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar and box-office record breaker The Intouchables. 
It was said that his return to Melbourne will feature his latest album In a Time Lapse as well as piano-led ballads and film scores =)

Live @ Royal Albert Hall London

“I could see music in architecture, or in the way a group of birds were flying in the sky, even about the texture of a wall. Everything is well connected.” – Einaudi, L.

If I could have the pleasure, I would dare anyone to perceive this world as it is meant to be seen, one’s perception is another’s misconception.

See through your very own kaleidoscope, what’s there to lose but to gain.

Tout l’amour! Till then.. x