One more month and it’s Chinese New Year. Probably a yearly 31st December is not enough to announce Earth that when the clock strikes 12, it’s a whole new year. Therefore the Chinese decided to make a louder announcement with their fire crackers, huge lions that dance on high poles, jumping from one to another and cymbals clanging onto each other, oh and not to forget the ear-muffling-drums! It is said to be the busiest festive all year round.

Do I miss Christmas? always. Specially during Chinese New Year.


Nusa Rhu

Driving along the padi fields in a white vintage car that resembles a Fiat 500, waves of wind came gushing in the windows. Meanwhile I was busy calming the loose strands of my braided bun, next minute I caught myself looking over to the driver’s seat, there he was mastering the ol’ ride’s stick swiftly. Humming to the same tune, after a huge disagreement from the night before, the long silence somewhat seems soothing. After a while or so, we stopped by a food stall along the coastline for some local delicacies.

Getting out of the car, he pulled me into his arms and playfully messed my hair. I swatted off his hand abruptly, till he got a hold of my hand.

“What is it?”
I looked hard at him, searching solemnly for whatever that I thought might help me piece out whatever it is.

“You broke the cold war.” and with that being said, a kiss and to be continued.


Started on the Strain the book now! Couldn’t resist a page-turner after all hah! Toodles x