Prayer in C


Just cause someone is mean to you,
Doesn’t mean you are not favourable;
Just cause someone is harsh to you,
Doesn’t mean he is condemned.

Sometimes a person has to fail many times,
And it takes one victory to top it all;
Sometimes a person needs one victory,
To push him to achieve failure more.

More than often a choice is offered,
On a silver platter or with a whip;
Yet we are mostly blinded by stars,
To love or not, hatred should always bounce with a ping.

Love is not an illusion, it is a way to everlasting hope,
It is a privilege, a luxury, a truth;
To those who do not educate themselves, dimmed and buried,
The more you reject love, the more grief and sorrow you would carry.

Yet to the wise ones, do not let your advantage get the best of you,
One mountain do remember, there is always a higher peak;
Just because it is not yet discovered, doesn’t reject its presence,
Hop on to a comfy couch with what makes you contented, cheerios or maybe… Just some cheese!

A reputable person has what it takes to build an empire of followers,
A notable soul has what it takes to build an empire for the followers;
A theory, a judgement, an assumption, an experience,
Whatever you call it, we are merely explorers on a footlong journey.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure,
Not to comfort but to bend for leisure;
Who’s right who’s wrong does it matter,
For one should focus on becoming better.

copyrighted | chopped & sign. a tout a l’heure!