… Tiny drops of heaven truly.

Perfect tiny shapes of tempered dark chocolate with a wide selection of different fillings coated delicately with pure cocoa powder. Smack-a-licious!

That bittersweet sensation…. is like nothing else in the universe.
There are two kinds of truffle :-
` Fungus Truffles,Β which is also known as “the diamond of the kitchen”.

` Chocolate Truffles, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache centre then coated in chocolate, icing sugar, toasted nuts and so forth. Hence the word truffle itself is exquisite to the ears and definitely won its prestige.

ohmy… can you resist?!


Truffles are famous for their high-valued repertoire. The reason behind that is because fungus truffles are difficult to obtain.
As for the heaven droplets, it is pretty difficult to master the techniques of chocolate tempering. Took a few classes on that, the absolute spot-on temperature, the motion swiftness and difficulties of the skill itself. No wonder patissiers are often described as quite the “exquisite” bunch with their delicate fingers and consistency.

Like it or not, humans are moulded too. It takes persona, style and personal charisma to mould the unique you!

Previously was invited to be a dear friend’s bridesmaid. Some of the pre-wedding pictures in Melbourne that I really fancy. Really captured the beauty of both the newlyweds and Melbourne itself eh?

reception dinner selfie booth in Prince Hotel
gorgeous laydees
V-day flower explosions lurveee!
my vday soldiers
A lil heavenly touch for yours truly πŸ™‚

Till the day where I can stroll barefooted by the beach in my sundress, without a worry in the world and feel the breeze of the ocean again… and of course bonfire party at night!

a tout a l’heure!


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