The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. – Wyland


I love it most whenever the sea breeze lightly brushes across my skin.. A slight tingling touch that I feel after, almost as gentle as a mother’s touch. Beach waves serenading, singing to my ears and tiny sand particles partying between my toes at the same time. It is certainly an amazing heartfelt welcome to me — to a sweet escape I always crave for, I look forward to.


One thing about the beach that I absolutely adore is the chance to fall in love with that..
 again.. and again, yet again…



Leisurely enjoying what I do best, reading and toasting myself by the beach, what else but people watching. Children attempting to build sandcastles with their parents’ help, digging and searching for beautiful seashells that have been carried by the waves onshore. Carefree surfers enjoying the enormous challenging waves that often tumbles them into the salty water. And of course, the jet skis that races across the bumpy sea.

The beach brings relaxation to the soul, well, at least to me.. It is a sweet escape for an ambitious person like me, my goal in life is to contribute to charities in any form, hence i assume it is quite imaginable how much stress I let myself venture into.

Perhaps, to fully appreciate the good things in life, is to let yourself experience the not so good ones no matter how tough, how heart wrenching it can be. Good lessons learnt are never wasted.

To the ever hopeful readers, to the ambitious girls boys out there, to You.
may you remember the sound of mother nature, let the waves embrace your heart, your conscience, and the best, your soul..