Finally some serene time for me to sit quietly and tap away on my mac. It has been a tough yet fruitful journey adapting to working life. End of the day, you choose who and what to filter out of your life. Capiche?

I broke a nail and it BLOODY HURTS! Imagine having a sharp chipped nail right…. dangling somewhat tight yet loosely to your skin and meat.. you’re so placed in a “life-death” situation, to pull it off or not?
Not cool.
So don’t make fun when this happens and girls go off shrieking “I BROKE A NAIL!” It is not the end of the world but it is very uncomfortable… EXTREMELY uncomfortable.
One more week to scuba diving. I’ve been contemplating for years whether to venture into the ocean and get my diving license and BAM! it IS happening! hello sharks. hello corals. hello unknown sea creatures. Adventure!!!
” People who don’t explore the ocean are missing out on 70% of the world we are living! “
The whale shark 



oh hello you cute little thing!


I swear if this happens it’s either I pass out OR I lose my mind and start hitting it with my tank!


I wanna make friends!



 my favourite dish with sambal





please do welcome me like this =D