Good hair day?
Bad hair day?
Ever experienced… EXTREMELY bad hair days in a row?
Had a HAIR MELTDOWN much recently and the Mr. decided to treat me to a nice hair transformation. GO burgundy, red head love!
Light ash brown crisis


Better view with sunlight


Magic curtains reveal… dum dum DUMMM!


major lurve!

As for those who had gotten their hair treated should know, maintaining part is quite a workload. Specially for brighter colours, shampooing can be nightmarish seeing all those precious colour being washed down the drain grr!

Scored some pretty cool “sidekicks” from Hair Depot.. I LOVE LOVE their products! Quality at its best I would say…

Le magic oil~ Highly recommend this for all chemical treated hair


And this cute bomb! Saloon hairdos from curly to straight @ your very own home, is that a yay I hear??

Maintaining has never been any simpler nor pleasurable =)

As stated in my previous post, here are some of the Christmas offerings gadgets at Le’ Bungalow
This “controlled-cooling” baby comes in handy, allowing all the stem cell / hyaluronic acid goodness fully and deeply penetrating, achieving baby smooth skin GUARANTEE!
Combining that with the Jason’s hockey mask applicator, fancy schmancy~!

Okay that’s all for now. Stay tuned!

Bonne nuit ~