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Festive season’s here people!!
What’s better than Christmas exploding everywhere around town, with soothing carols all month round and perhaps a turkey celebration or two with your loved ones?
And boy oh boy, do I have some sweet offerings here~
Deesse Spectrum Mask
Why the buzz among celebrities like Katy Perry, Gucci Westman…?
Deesse Spectrum Mask originated from Korea, increases blood flow, promotes would healing, stimulates collagen and elastin production.
All these obtainable from a mask resembling serial killer Jason’s white hockey mask from the movie, Friday the 13th!
  • 100% natural and non invasive guarantee
  • suitable for all age, however less treatments would be recommended for younger age groups
  • cost effective
  • a wide range of treatment
New York Manhattan’s very own celebrity facialist, Georgia Louise strongly recommend this treatment “For anyone who wants to prolong healthy looking skin without invasive surgeries, it’s a phenomenal tool. 3 or 4 times 20 minutes session per week, not on a daily basis.”
Three different modes to target different types of skin problems:
Mode 1: 630 nanometers of red light sent out to stimulate collagen and break up hyper-pigmentation
Mode 2: 415 nanometers of blue light delivered to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation
Mode 3: Bathes your complexion with a combination of red and blue light along with a combined pinkish beam that increases circulation and wound healing



Treat yourself or your loved ones to a massive sexy X’mas promotion this season!!


Only RM 99 for one FULL treatment with some complimentary sides!!

(net worth: RM 380)

Link attached below is the full article on Deesse interview with facialist Gergia Louise!
For further understanding, please refer to VOGUE article..
Now everyone, who doesn’t want a sizzling santababy, what are you waiting for? Act now!


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