Malaysian cuisines are well-known for its versatility due to an interesting combination of different races and cultures.

And what’s best is that a variety of yummy food can be found all around! From your humble earthy streets… to sassy posh cafés with its sophistication exuberance, you can almost find any flavour that sings to your daily tunes, satisfaction much!

My all time favourite hawker destination – Restaurant Kam Heong @ PJ State.

You can basically find any local delicacies at this place, prawn noodles, chicken rice, fresh fruits, dim sum pastries, and beverages to complete your satisfying meals.. I want some already!!!

TOP: famous curry laksa, packed with ingredients and flavours

BOTTOM: Seaweed popiah rolls, a must-add side dish during visits




Coldsweet cuppa jello to keep the heat down, perfection! 




Below is a Deesse mask session. Looks pretty cool ey, non-invasive, no pain just relaxation…

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Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? *beams*!

much love! ❤