End of 2015 is reaching soon, what’s your new year’s resolution??

I go blank whenever that question is asked. Does that mean I have no dreams or goals to achieve? Well… just my way and I’d like to keep it like that, not much of a long-list planner =)

First and foremost, happy holidays!! Christmas is still lingering around and everyone’s still jingle here~ jingle there~ I can tell, with new years coming in just 2 more days, it is time to bid year 2015 a warm farewell.

Looking back, there’s happiness but plenty of sadness/frustrations too, still I am thankful for each and every one of them. Here’s a recap!


  1. Leaving Australia was one of the best decisions, also the worst decision I have made so far.

It has been almost 2 years since the time I boarded my plane at Melbourne International Airport. I loved Melbourne streets yet visiting Msian mamaks has been my favourite pastime. I loved my studio apartment yet I love being closer to my family and friends. Melbourne was like a huge box of Baci chocolates, everything was surprising and new yet home is where the heart is, having the sense of familiarity back here, who knows in the near future things might differ.

2. People can be rude, even if they don’t know you.

“Oh well, he might have his own reasons for acting that way, we should give him the benefit of doubt.”

“It is ok, she is just mentally challenged, see her as your patient and try to understand her more.”


Nono, I’m not being selfish but fairly asking a question here. If some psycho-B starts acting crazy around me, should I be like “oh poor you, here, let me lend you a cheek and please, do release your depression or anxiety attacks on me because we are somehow connected in the universe.”

Everyone has their own part in this world and it is called being “humane”. Basic principles of being that requires a brain, a heart and empathy towards OTHERS.

Oh and trust me, if I do burst out, that arse must have crossed my border again and again and again. I do give chances when I’m wronged for reasons beyond my imagination, everyone is responsible to reflect and repent on their own anyways.

3. You’ll know when you met that someone, you just know he/she is going to be the right one and just settle, JUST SETTLE.

WRONG. Relationships means more than just the first encounter of two souls (and the next few times), how they make you feel, how they treat you, yada yada… It is more about what you become when you are with that someone, this can be observed through how you contribute to the equation, how you treat your partner, how you react when he or she is being “difficult”? Do you allow yourself to be treated that way?

I gotta admit, sometimes I couldn’t feel any lonelier being in a relationship than I was being single. Not a bad thing though, through times like this, I had the opportunity to learn more about myself, my qualities, my likes and dislikes then methods to adjust and change. Focus more on yourself, being a bigger person requires a bigger heart. Kill snobs with kindness. They are the ones who need kindness most in this world. Just like the saying “No matter how much you love someone, love yourself first and know your worth.” What is love then? Whatever makes you happy.

4. Workplace does not define you, it is certainly NOT your house nor is it your home.

It is a place where serious politics come in play. No one wants to be the hangman, no one wants to be seen as someone who is incapable of doing their tasks right.

Here’s the golden rule, no one is playing by the rules. So why push yourself to one corner? Remember, everyone is at work too! True focus comes from a serene place, if the mind is scattered, what work can be done well? NONE. Come to think of it, many times my manager has been a tough cookie for me to deal with but I am not the easiest employee to be pushed around neither, guilty as charged!


So, what is your new year’s resolution? I hope this read does you well, even just the tiniest bits.


Till then!