A lil here and there…

Started 2016 with a big bang, fireworks aside… Oh let year 2016 be a sweet one, pretty please?


Pince & Pints Bangsar

Lunch treat for Rowie!!

I was really surprised because it wasn’t planned AT ALL. I’ve gotten plenty of good reviews from this dine shack and nonetheless, very delighted to agree with them – the place, the food, the ambiance really did match to whatever was being praised, yummers!

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The lobster roll was really good, crunchy soft bread stuffed with generous chunks of lobster meat and condiments. We also had an Asian dish which was the lobster yee mee, absolutely worth drooling over. Would definitely head back for the other dishes!




Managed to slip in for a Deesse mask session few days ago.. and also some pictures! Perfect for a pampering relaxation prior to Chinese New Year yes?? =)

The Laureate Signature Wellness Clubhouse

Booking for appointments should be done as it is getting more and more crowded and no dreadful long waits for everyone!

Contact: +6010-239 6323 / +603 7931 8996

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my favourite brunch place – Yellow Brick Road café (Bangsar)


Jam & Kaya sweet and savoury pancakes!




Chinese New Year is round the corner and what do we do? Shopping definitely. Some people get excited – shopping therapy, some people dread it because they find it tedious. All in all, we all don’t mind a good stroll around the mall, no? Sometimes looking at things we want but maybe not, “yes no maybe no no wait yes I don’t know”.. sometimes “no no no no no ok I’m done”.

It’s fun, good exercise.

And I found THE ONE that made me go YEEEEEESSSSS


Emrie Limited Edition. THAT DRESS…

Coast, Robinsons Department Store

That waistline… That fabric!


and more!!

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at last! It’s mine  ❤