Traveling broadens the mind and the soul.. However, educating ourselves beforehand won’t harm anyone! Following the flow is indeed exciting, adventurous, carefree, live like a bird, FREEDOM!!! Never neglect the mishaps though, hence it is advisable to do at least a minimal amount of research before stepping into a foreign land!

This trip round, it’s the famous white beach in Boracay with a few good mates! I admit it took quite some time and articles (maps including) to convince my family it is a safer island compared to others in the Philippines region due to abductions/rapes/killings bombarding news all over the world.

If you are ever interested in visiting Boracay, here’s our journey itinerary:

3 hours +- flight –> 2 hours car ride to the jetty –> 15 minutes boat ride to the island (accompanied by the beautiful ocean)

Our trip was made fairly simple thanks to our local tour guides, link below! Super friendly and attentive people, who also helped us so much on some serious negotiating! It is well known that tourists are usually charged higher in most countries, no?

Tour guide ~ Barbie Trinidad Delos Santos

Before I proceed, I have the best place for lunch in Kalibo! Take-outs would be recommended to save time while you still have a boat to catch!


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My stay in Boracay wouldn’t have felt complete if it wasn’t for Henann Garden Resort. They provide tight security which means no locals without permission are allowed in.

There are a number of pools that are very well maintained, guests do not need to worry if there’s limited space for suntanning or a quick dip in the waters. Did I mention pool boys who serve complimentary icy cold beverages while you’re at it!?

Boracay has been voted the second-best island destination in the world after Palawan, with its postcard-perfect stretch of sand line from one end to the other, blocks after blocks of hotels, restaurants, dive shops, massage parlours.. It is no wonder that this island is usually packed with tourists from all over the world!

There were times when I thought I was in Korea instead because of the volume of Korean tourists, checking in, checking out.. Besides that, loads of ocean activities or even packages can be found on the island, I am very grateful for our local tour guide to recommend some of the most interesting ones and of course, more negotiations!


Helmet diving



Famous mango shake


Reverse bungee


Oink! Scrumptious buffet which costs around RM40++ per pax along station 2


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GoPro Dive!

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Already planning for the next trip perhaps?! Looking forward to more adventures =)

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Till next time!