Hey chicadees and chicaroos! Time for a comeback, I’ve missed you my space. Well if you have been experiencing a difficult time, stay strong, chug a few cuppa joes and let your mind relax. Few years ago in Perth, I published an article on “Different Parenting Styles”.

Read here: https://rowiemacherie.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/parenting-styles/

Parenting, a word that I realize many would argue according to their own beliefs and/or styles, but HECK! If it means wanting to teach your kids to see from YOUR own point of view and please oneself, I’m never going to learn how to be a parent for sure.

No comprende yet? Let’s say you’re having your daily disagreement with your lover, and the parent do not see eye to eye with you from the start, now now… some of you might get defensive and say “but my parents only want what is best for me!” DUH.

I have parents too, and they’re the most sporting and not to forget, humble and reputable people who raised me up to understand the fact that end of the day, I am the person responsible for my own life, my own choices and leading to being responsible for that solely, without blaming it on others (even if you think they’re the wrong doers).  Does that mean humane respect have to fly out of the window? Hell no! Does that mean the parent has all the right to behave like a child for attention, coming up with obstacles on purpose and meddling with your relationship journey? Children need to learn how to path their own footsteps in life, falling, getting hurt, climbing back up and the best part? This might happen countless times and that’s the beauty in life.

Parenting is a humongous responsibility, only now that I can comprehend so much. Seeing how selfish some humans can be, really makes me wonder if all humans have the right to be parents in the first place. But all in all, there’s light and darkness in the world, without darkness – selfishness, light – unselfish love would not shine through. Stay strong to those who are struggling, it’s only temporary if you make a move.

Australia in one month! Let’s adventure! A tout a l’heure.