Disclaimer # 1 None of my recreational posts are meant to shoot arrows, if you feel the words, all is good.

Disclaimer # 2 Most theories are falsifiable, limit and boundaries exploring. Except for those universal truths. Please proceed with a clear mind, what is certain is certain, don’t go pushing everything or everyone else into a dangerous zone.


Seri Muka is a famous traditional pandan and glutinous rice (kuih) sweet cake (picture as shown below). These little heavenly bites can be seen in pasar malam (night markets) or Malay shops. Mom has the BEST recipe which drives her friends and family up the wall begging for more! *Mental note: learn it asap.*


The reason this delicacy being a match-made-in-heaven heavily relies on the taste balance of sweet and savoury. If it’s only the green pandan layer, it would just be overly sweet, same goes if the glutinous rice layer itself, not having a unique character by just being sticky rice. *sushi pops to mind suddenly, drools…*

Distinctive taste is somewhat parallel to the notion of individual characteristics. You’re embodied by certain beliefs, values, tradition, and so on. This means all individuals are different. Heck! Even the most identical twins on Earth do not possess genes that are exactly the same. Individual differences, embrace or reject?

Have you ever wondered? Things that are less complicated might be more stressed upon (single particle). Whereas, if things are more complicated (combination of different particles), our minds might automatically block it and be concluded as a “simple matter” because we let LIFE or FATE decide.

Eyes are given to us to see the outside world, but I can’t stress more on the importance for us to grow and flourish our inner universe. What is certain to a person, ought to be reflected but never rejected.


Happy weekend to come 🙂

A tout a l’heure!