*Both fictional and non-fictional contents can be subjected to analysis and interpretation.

3/4 Check List:

  1. Hair – split ends, split ends, split ends *ignore*. Natural feminine waves, dash of Argan oil for easy, breezy, beautiful cover look!
  2. Makeup – features contour, mesmerizing look, sophisticated if that’s possible, Audrey Hepburn vibes…
    Note: natural makeup at its best. And, une dose de Chanel No.5~ Voila! Smile at the mirror.
  3. Outfit – something not too sleazy yet comfortable.
    Note: It’s a date! Try not to dress like it’s a Sunday morning and there are errands to run.
  4. Call Desiree, MUST.
  5. Recheck hair.
  6. Recheck smile.
  7. Recheck confidence.

All set.

#Are you ready? I’m here missy.

#On my way! See you.

Then you live happily ever after, after having that chilli kransky off some roadside Snag Stand.


Initial stages of dating someone is exciting, even more enticing when everything about that someone is a mystery awaiting to be figured out. Like a box of Patchi chocolates. Difference is Patchi — not much of a risk, except for the Cranberry-filled ones.

What comes along next? That’s a crucial part. We all fall back to our comfort zone whilst being in an unfamiliar situation. Without knowing it, all those initial effort might be washed down the drain!

Instead of this:

  • Getting to know someone -> Think you have their whole personality chart in hand -> Preconception -> Disappointments -> Split paths

Consider this (4A’s):

  • Analyze -> Acknowledge -> Acceptance -> ADVENTURE

If you would even consider the latter being the better option, brilliant! Relationship has no dead set of rules, ditto. Whatever you think you know, are merely observational learning you have acquired in the past few years or media exposure. Dependable? Ever questioned if those were reliable?

Instead of clinging on to matters and knowledge you currently possess, believe that there are more possibilities to life. Stay curious.

Keep calm, Be organized and Pursue your dreams. You deserve to spoil that inner child of yours.

T minus 3 days!