Not too dusty here. Just 4 months since I last updated… but heck, so much has happened in just a few months!


First and foremost, finally and officially an international translator now yayyah!

Definitely excited to embark on this new journey! It is quite funny how in college, I used to tell my family how I wanted to be a translator cause I love different languages, they help people and possibilities are endless! Never had I expected then that it would be possible! 

Moving on, there was a post about a Frog Prince which I posted years back in Melbourne, as much tornado episodes and I swear there were a few hurricanes in between as well, things were finally called to a halt, it became a lil TOO crazy *this includes a face-off with an older adult*. On the bright side, the best thing I’ve learnt walking away from this was –> It takes time to truly know someone (or in this case, the ones that come with them), it might even take plenty more years to uncover all those layers. BUT what’s more interesting is that, I am constantly learning more about myself.

Penang trip coming up! Scuba diving with some melby peeps after 🙂 and WORK HARD. I am thankful for how things are now. Let’s embrace the peace, till then.. always be ready for another possible face-off.

for now, sun, beach and wavessss… HERE I COME!

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p/s: J’aimerais vivre dans tes chaussures pour être avec toi à chacun de tes pas

A tout a l’heure!