Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent Hugo

You think you own whatever land you land on,
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim,
But I know every rock and tree and creature,
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name.


You think the only people who are people,
Are the people who look and think like you,
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger,
You’ll learn things you never knew, you never knew.


How high will the sycamore grow?
If you cut it down, then you’ll never know..
And you’ll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon,
For whether we are white or copper skinned,
We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains,
We need to paint with all the colors of the wind.



À La Folie

Many have asked if I’ve ditched blogging, the answer is no. How could I?! =) It has been months since I last updated my web diary… it is pretty difficult to make time having to go through a whirlwind madness in life.

Madness – a term usually perceived negatively, commonly used to describe a person having a serious mental illness, extremely foolish behavior or even a state of wild or chaotic activity.

“This is madness! I don’t want to be involved in this.”

“That person over there is mad, don’t go near him.”

And the list goes on…

On the other hand, consider the following…

“We are madly in love.”

“I am missing you madly.”

“It’s madness in here, everyone is having fun!”

One word. Perspective.

I am not encouraging madness here so as stated boldly in the post’s title, quite the contrary actually.. Sometimes we want to see things a certain way solely because we want to, not what we ought to. We limit ourselves to the things we know, to the experiences we go through, but pause now, let’s try some light activity here..

Sit back and let your memories run through your mind, do the good ones outweigh the bad ones, or are the bad ones more prominent? It can say a whole load on what led to both. Do we justify the bad ones? Do we acknowledge what we truly want? That’s something to ponder upon..

Past few months, workload has been pretty hectic but I’m loving it! Every trainee I meet, everyone of them exudes their very own unique qualities. The intensity of the classes did not stop any one of them from chasing after what they want. I’m blessed to be inspired on a daily basis by people like that 🙂

Waking up on an early morning, my precious trainee posted this in the group chat “Good morning everyone. Something inspiring from Rowena – If something doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. Materialistic happiness lasts for a week or two; but mental inspiring trainers, they last for years to come.” Can’t help but to gloat a little, I do feel like a proud mama! Thanks sweetie :*


Other than that, back from the island, a short-but-much-needed getaway. Oh boy~ At times I do wish what I’ve always been chasing for is a little easier. Oh well.

A la folie mes amies




Bright Stars

October has.. undoubtedly been a whirlwind journey! From the late nights to endless rehearsals, looking back.. I wouldn’t have wished for anything to be enhanced or altered.

Kiwanis charity performance was a success! Crowd loved every moment of the evening, “What a refreshing performance!”, “Not a dull moment”, “All performers were brilliant and charming” and the list goes on. Knowing that everyone put their best contributing to perfect this event, I have to say I am proud to be part of this, the feeling is beyond comprehension. More to come hopefully? heh…

One scenario definitely highlighted my entire evening, backstage where everyone was in the midst of mad rushing, changing into their outfits, getting called on stage.. my favourite dress decided to fail on me! One by one, people were disappearing from the changing room, it was this moment of despair where everything was so messed up and I was stuck in the center of a bloody turmoil. Then, this so-called-Poofer came up to me, stood by me and told me to Never Give Up. What does not kill you makes you stronger indeed.. Till this very moment, typing away on my keyboard, I am grateful to have those who stayed with me even when times get rough. You are truly gems.

Stated in my previous post about my int. interpreter job, little did I know that was just the beginning to more endurance tests waiting to unfold. Besides having 2 weeks of intense training and terminology studying, sitting still in my work station for hours trying to get as much information absorbed into my neuron-blob which later on leads to a dramatic episode of spraining my back, drenched in tears and desperately needing help to get off the floor due to immense pain shooting through my veins.. I am officially a medical/law interpreter and oh boy! I wouldn’t want to go through all that again.. haha.. wish I could say they were all worth it though.

Rehearsal ’17


Till next time 🙂



Catch Feels

Not too dusty here. Just 4 months since I last updated… but heck, so much has happened in just a few months!


First and foremost, finally and officially an international translator now yayyah!

Definitely excited to embark on this new journey! It is quite funny how in college, I used to tell my family how I wanted to be a translator cause I love different languages, they help people and possibilities are endless! Never had I expected then that it would be possible! 

Moving on, there was a post about a Frog Prince which I posted years back in Melbourne, as much tornado episodes and I swear there were a few hurricanes in between as well, things were finally called to a halt, it became a lil TOO crazy *this includes a face-off with an older adult*. On the bright side, the best thing I’ve learnt walking away from this was –> It takes time to truly know someone (or in this case, the ones that come with them), it might even take plenty more years to uncover all those layers. BUT what’s more interesting is that, I am constantly learning more about myself.

Penang trip coming up! Scuba diving with some melby peeps after 🙂 and WORK HARD. I am thankful for how things are now. Let’s embrace the peace, till then.. always be ready for another possible face-off.

for now, sun, beach and wavessss… HERE I COME!

Related image

p/s: J’aimerais vivre dans tes chaussures pour être avec toi à chacun de tes pas

A tout a l’heure!




Kiss and Keep Calm

*Both fictional and non-fictional contents can be subjected to analysis and interpretation.

3/4 Check List:

  1. Hair – split ends, split ends, split ends *ignore*. Natural feminine waves, dash of Argan oil for easy, breezy, beautiful cover look!
  2. Makeup – features contour, mesmerizing look, sophisticated if that’s possible, Audrey Hepburn vibes…
    Note: natural makeup at its best. And, une dose de Chanel No.5~ Voila! Smile at the mirror.
  3. Outfit – something not too sleazy yet comfortable.
    Note: It’s a date! Try not to dress like it’s a Sunday morning and there are errands to run.
  4. Call Desiree, MUST.
  5. Recheck hair.
  6. Recheck smile.
  7. Recheck confidence.

All set.

#Are you ready? I’m here missy.

#On my way! See you.

Then you live happily ever after, after having that chilli kransky off some roadside Snag Stand.


Initial stages of dating someone is exciting, even more enticing when everything about that someone is a mystery awaiting to be figured out. Like a box of Patchi chocolates. Difference is Patchi — not much of a risk, except for the Cranberry-filled ones.

What comes along next? That’s a crucial part. We all fall back to our comfort zone whilst being in an unfamiliar situation. Without knowing it, all those initial effort might be washed down the drain!

Instead of this:

  • Getting to know someone -> Think you have their whole personality chart in hand -> Preconception -> Disappointments -> Split paths

Consider this (4A’s):

  • Analyze -> Acknowledge -> Acceptance -> ADVENTURE

If you would even consider the latter being the better option, brilliant! Relationship has no dead set of rules, ditto. Whatever you think you know, are merely observational learning you have acquired in the past few years or media exposure. Dependable? Ever questioned if those were reliable?

Instead of clinging on to matters and knowledge you currently possess, believe that there are more possibilities to life. Stay curious.

Keep calm, Be organized and Pursue your dreams. You deserve to spoil that inner child of yours.

T minus 3 days!


Hindsight happiness

Happiness. A connotation that has strongly influenced many of us in life. An achievement, a contribution, a trophy, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and all sorts of theories we come across. Some sees it as a motivation to pursue further. Others might simply find it in a smile of their loved ones.


I occasionally find it here. Peacefulness of the mind. Doesn’t get any better than this.

Happiness translates to one being at ease, mentally and spiritually. Even with distractions happening on a daily basis, they’re simply just there to widen our horizons, not necessarily being a decision-maker whether we feel contented or happy.

What makes a choice a decision? What makes us feel at ease? Last but not least, what dignifies you? That’s an easy one. You.

Happy weekend, much love from a far far away island.



Seri Muka

Disclaimer # 1 None of my recreational posts are meant to shoot arrows, if you feel the words, all is good.

Disclaimer # 2 Most theories are falsifiable, limit and boundaries exploring. Except for those universal truths. Please proceed with a clear mind, what is certain is certain, don’t go pushing everything or everyone else into a dangerous zone.


Seri Muka is a famous traditional pandan and glutinous rice (kuih) sweet cake (picture as shown below). These little heavenly bites can be seen in pasar malam (night markets) or Malay shops. Mom has the BEST recipe which drives her friends and family up the wall begging for more! *Mental note: learn it asap.*


The reason this delicacy being a match-made-in-heaven heavily relies on the taste balance of sweet and savoury. If it’s only the green pandan layer, it would just be overly sweet, same goes if the glutinous rice layer itself, not having a unique character by just being sticky rice. *sushi pops to mind suddenly, drools…*

Distinctive taste is somewhat parallel to the notion of individual characteristics. You’re embodied by certain beliefs, values, tradition, and so on. This means all individuals are different. Heck! Even the most identical twins on Earth do not possess genes that are exactly the same. Individual differences, embrace or reject?

Have you ever wondered? Things that are less complicated might be more stressed upon (single particle). Whereas, if things are more complicated (combination of different particles), our minds might automatically block it and be concluded as a “simple matter” because we let LIFE or FATE decide.

Eyes are given to us to see the outside world, but I can’t stress more on the importance for us to grow and flourish our inner universe. What is certain to a person, ought to be reflected but never rejected.


Happy weekend to come 🙂

A tout a l’heure!


Hot Out of the Oven

Hey chicadees and chicaroos! Time for a comeback, I’ve missed you my space. Well if you have been experiencing a difficult time, stay strong, chug a few cuppa joes and let your mind relax. Few years ago in Perth, I published an article on “Different Parenting Styles”.

Read here:

Parenting, a word that I realize many would argue according to their own beliefs and/or styles, but HECK! If it means wanting to teach your kids to see from YOUR own point of view and please oneself, I’m never going to learn how to be a parent for sure.

No comprende yet? Let’s say you’re having your daily disagreement with your lover, and the parent do not see eye to eye with you from the start, now now… some of you might get defensive and say “but my parents only want what is best for me!” DUH.

I have parents too, and they’re the most sporting and not to forget, humble and reputable people who raised me up to understand the fact that end of the day, I am the person responsible for my own life, my own choices and leading to being responsible for that solely, without blaming it on others (even if you think they’re the wrong doers).  Does that mean humane respect have to fly out of the window? Hell no! Does that mean the parent has all the right to behave like a child for attention, coming up with obstacles on purpose and meddling with your relationship journey? Children need to learn how to path their own footsteps in life, falling, getting hurt, climbing back up and the best part? This might happen countless times and that’s the beauty in life.

Parenting is a humongous responsibility, only now that I can comprehend so much. Seeing how selfish some humans can be, really makes me wonder if all humans have the right to be parents in the first place. But all in all, there’s light and darkness in the world, without darkness – selfishness, light – unselfish love would not shine through. Stay strong to those who are struggling, it’s only temporary if you make a move.

Australia in one month! Let’s adventure! A tout a l’heure.



“It’s Borah-Kaii, Not Bora-Kay” – locals

Traveling broadens the mind and the soul.. However, educating ourselves beforehand won’t harm anyone! Following the flow is indeed exciting, adventurous, carefree, live like a bird, FREEDOM!!! Never neglect the mishaps though, hence it is advisable to do at least a minimal amount of research before stepping into a foreign land!

This trip round, it’s the famous white beach in Boracay with a few good mates! I admit it took quite some time and articles (maps including) to convince my family it is a safer island compared to others in the Philippines region due to abductions/rapes/killings bombarding news all over the world.

If you are ever interested in visiting Boracay, here’s our journey itinerary:

3 hours +- flight –> 2 hours car ride to the jetty –> 15 minutes boat ride to the island (accompanied by the beautiful ocean)

Our trip was made fairly simple thanks to our local tour guides, link below! Super friendly and attentive people, who also helped us so much on some serious negotiating! It is well known that tourists are usually charged higher in most countries, no?

Tour guide ~ Barbie Trinidad Delos Santos

Before I proceed, I have the best place for lunch in Kalibo! Take-outs would be recommended to save time while you still have a boat to catch!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My stay in Boracay wouldn’t have felt complete if it wasn’t for Henann Garden Resort. They provide tight security which means no locals without permission are allowed in.

There are a number of pools that are very well maintained, guests do not need to worry if there’s limited space for suntanning or a quick dip in the waters. Did I mention pool boys who serve complimentary icy cold beverages while you’re at it!?

Boracay has been voted the second-best island destination in the world after Palawan, with its postcard-perfect stretch of sand line from one end to the other, blocks after blocks of hotels, restaurants, dive shops, massage parlours.. It is no wonder that this island is usually packed with tourists from all over the world!

There were times when I thought I was in Korea instead because of the volume of Korean tourists, checking in, checking out.. Besides that, loads of ocean activities or even packages can be found on the island, I am very grateful for our local tour guide to recommend some of the most interesting ones and of course, more negotiations!


Helmet diving



Famous mango shake


Reverse bungee


Oink! Scrumptious buffet which costs around RM40++ per pax along station 2


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GoPro Dive!

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Already planning for the next trip perhaps?! Looking forward to more adventures =)

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Till next time!


To My Furball, My Light

It was a Sunday morning at nine, banging on the door kept going.. Feeling groggy, headed to bed pretty late the previous night as I was accompanying my baby, talking to him, making sure he is alright.

He has this habit of following me everywhere, even when I’m not around, he would just wait for me. As I furthered my studies in Australia, my family would send pictures of him waiting at my door, at the bottom of the stairs without fail. I bet he knows I miss him just as much as he misses me.

He was bright, always jumping everywhere, food never fail to make him happy, until he lost all his appetite and liveliness, we found a huge lump behind his foreleg, doctor diagnosed him with critical cancerous tumor.

“It’s Sunday, how can I help you?!” No answer. Just then I heard a worried voice saying, “You need to come now.” I transformed from a bedhead to full-alert state in just a split second, something inside was twisting and turning, not in a good way, I rushed down the fleet of stairs.

Looking from the right to the left.. Baby.. I whispered to myself.

Scanning every corner of the home.. Shiro, I mumbled repetitively. Nothing. I followed the chattering that lead me to the garden. This. Is. Not. Happening. He was lying on the freshly-mowed green grass. No movements. I wait.. then my heart sunk into my stomach, no heartbeat. The sun was shining up above, and my day cannot be any gloomier.

Shiro was his name, I call him babychee. He was 12. A little over a month more to his 13th birthday. Guess it’ll just be me this year.


Coping with the loss is tough. I do go from being mellow to bursting into tears every hour. Constantly reminding myself that he is at a better place now, I find a whole lot of comfort from it, our memories bring bittersweet tears to my heart as I will learn to cherish them.

In loving memory of Shiro




A Poem to Remember